Title 24 Chapter 8 Proposes to Alter How Nyc Operates Cooling Towers

25 Jul 2019 09:32

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Company plans to serve more sewer plants in New Jersey and other statesPenns Grove, NJ /PRNewswire/ - Today, Keystone Power Holdings, LLC (Keystone) and Penns Grove Sewerage Authority (PGSA) announced the completion of a solar energy project that will significantly reduce the sewer authority's energy costs. Keystone developed, financed, and owns the system; PGSA buys the power that is generated by Keystone at a discount to current utility rates. The system is installed on land that is on and adjacent to PGSA's wastewater treatment plant. Annual production is anticipated to be approximately 250,000 kilowatt hours (Kwh) of energy.hair-shampoos-12-638.jpg?cb=1431491042 "It was a pleasure to work with Penns Grove Sewerage Authority on this challenging project. We were able to find good space to go solar in a built-up area with little available land in a flood plain," said Anthony Fotopoulos, co-founder of Keystone Power Holdings. "We continue to deepen our experience in developing solar projects on complex sites and look forward to building partnerships for similar projects across the mid-Atlantic and in Illinois, our newest market.""Keystone Power Holdings was a great partner in this project," said Paul Morris, Chairman of Penns Grove Sewerage Authority. "Keystone worked with many complex dynamics, delivering a project that enables us to save money while lessening our impact on the environment. We now enjoy energy savings of over 30% ? a solid contribution to the Sewerage Authority and our constituents."Keystone is able to monetize tax credits for owning the system and selling power to PGSA. The system is also subsidized by the New Jersey Solar Renewable Energy Credit Program (SREC). SRECs exist in other states, including Illinois, where Keystone is partnering with several other municipalities and sewerage authorities that are planning solar energy projects in 2019.About Keystone Power HoldingsKeystone Power Holdings, LLC is a renewable energy developer and owner of solar energy facilities. We specialize in developing medium to large-scale photovoltaic solar systems across North America. We develop facilities for our clients on their properties, either on the ground or rooftop, while passing on savings. For more information email moc.hpenotsyek|ofni#moc.hpenotsyek|ofni or visit our website at www.keystoneph.com.About Penns Grove Sewerage AuthorityThe Penns Grove Sewerage Authority is a wastewater treatment system located in Penns Grove, New Jersey, very close to the Delaware river. Founded in 1958, PGSA protects public health and the environment by the effective treatment and disposal of wastewater, while operating in a fiscally responsible manner.

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